About Choceňská mlékárna

Choceňská mlékárna is a solely Czech dairy company with a tradition of dairy production spanning over 80 years. The company is distinguished as a local leader in the segment of cream spreads, yoghurts and curds. Apart from the trade mark “Choceňská mlékárna 1928” line, the company supplies private brand products for selected chain stores.

Safety and quality of food products and ingredients is a highest priority for Choceňská mlékárna, therefore the company complies with the IFS (International Food Standard) regulations. Since 2008, we regularly recertify the Higher Level of IFS. Since 2003, our products also bear the KLASA quality trade mark. More than 100 people in total care daily about the highest quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

Company philosophy

By keeping the highest possible quality of our spreads, yoghurts and curds, as well as maintaining the uniqueness of our service, we achieve the best satisfaction of all our customers and clients.

ACCOM – is not just one separate entity, it is a group of comanies conducting business in the same field (import, export and distribution of dairy propducts). It includes purely Czech companies without any foreign capital contributions. The original ACCOM firm was established in 1990. Amongst producers are Bohušovická mlékárna a.s. (since 1997) and Choceňská mlékárna s.r.o. (since 2002). Both entities are crucial parts of the holding for their specific products.

Company aims for a forseeable future include acquiring another producer in the CR or abroad, spreading the scope of activity of distribution to new countries, and strenghten the position of ACCOM Gastro as one of the leading companies in its field in the Czech Republic.

Contacts and Management

Choceňská mlékárna s.r.o.

Head site:
Kollárova 481
565 01
VAT Number: 45535469
VAT Number: CZ45535469
Email: info@chocenskamlekarna.cz
Web: https://www.chocenskamlekarna.cz
Telephone: +420 465 473 100
+420 465 473 101
Data box: mwsvshz

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